Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Top 10 Favorite 80's Movies

10. Who could forget Teen Witch? I'm pretty sure I watched this movie every time it came on TV. I related to Louise, being a geek and wanting to be popular and have magical powers. The "Top That" rap and "I'm Gonna Be the Most Popular Girl" dancing scene will live in my heart forever.

9. Every girl has a Duckie! Who knew one day Jon Cryer would be Charlie Sheen's bitch on Two and a Half Men? Andie was one of the first girls who wore whatever she matter what everyone else said. I was inspired by her thrifty talents in making last-minute prom dresses and snagging Andrew McCarthy, the popular guy who also actually a really nice guy.

8. Leave it to Kevin Bacon to shake up a town. I hadn't seen this movie until a few years ago because I thought it would be lame until I saw the Kevin Bacon-dancing-in-the-woods-because-he's-so-pissed-off scene. I wish I could take out my frustrations like that. You rock that wife beater Kevin Bacon.

7. Nobody puts Baby in a corner! This is just a summer classic. Who wouldn't want to fall in love over the summer dancing with Patrick Swayze? He was all "I'm a black t-shirt kinda guy" and Jennifer Gray is all, "I'm a pale pink dress kinda girl." And together they had the whole Sandy-Danny summer love going that just so happens to survive after the pool season is over. Let's just say, I've had the time of my life.

 6. Say Anything is simply delicious for any John Cusack fan. I've always wanted someone to play Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" while holding a boom box over their head outside my window. Lloyd Dobler is one of the best 80's characters ever created.

5. Not many people know about Better Off Dead but I'm a big fan of 80's John Cusack so of course, I would know. This movie is just so weird that it's hilarious. There are dancing hamburgers, evil paperboys, and food that crawls right off the plate. The paperboy constantly demands, "TWO DOLLARS!" and John Cusack's little brother builds a spaceship in his room. Trust me, you will laugh your pants off.

 4. I love Ferris Bueller for many reasons: a young Matthew Broderick before he got all artsy, Chicago, a large dance scene during a parade to a Beatles song, and so many of the life lessons I've learned.... oh and Cameron! I like being talked to by Matthew Broderick in the shower while he makes shampoo mohawks out of his hair and washes his unmentionables. And of course, "Life moves pretty quick. If you don't slow down every once in awhile, you could miss it."

 3. Sixteen Candles has been a favorite of mine for years. There's Long Duck Dong, the geek Sam gives her panties to, and of course, the eccentric family that comes to stay for Sam's sister's wedding. Sam's life is just typical high school. John Hughes was a genius. The music playing at the end when Jake is waiting for Sam outside the church, leaned up against his red sports car is just... ahh. Then the leaning over the cake when he tells her to make a wish and she says, "It already came true." Kiss. BONUS: Cameo by John Cusack as space nerd.

 2. I definitely believe The Breakfast Club is severely underrated. Not a whole lot happens but at the same time so much does. For one Saturday, every different stereotype is thrown together and somehow end up relating to one another, even though things must return to normal come Monday. It's the bitter truth of adolescence but to know situations like this can happen gives hope to humanity! I love the scenes with the boys dancing on the bookshelf and everyone running down the halls to hide from Mr. Vernon. I want Judd Nelson pumping his fist in the air because even this once, he finally got someone. ;)

1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High will always make me laugh when I'm feeling down. Jeff Spicoli and his antics with Mr. Hand, who is convinced everyone is on crack, are hilarious. I love Brad Hamilton for his job failures, Stacy for her innocent naivete, Linda as Stacy's sophisticated friend, and Rat and Damone, my favorites. Damone thinks he's god's gift to women and tries to pass advice onto Rat who should totally ignore him. It's classic. Every time.

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