Sunday, August 28, 2011

Protect Your Bishop, Glen!

This Saturday, Scott and I went to Olive Garden. Though Italian food is probably low on both of our lists of "favorite ethnic foods" I'm glad we went... because they have the best cheese ravioli in the world!! I partook in a sparkling wine and Scott in a pinot grigio. It felt so decadent to be sipping white wine, listening to Dean Martin tucked away into the corner of an Italian restaurant. 

I captured Scott trying an olive, which he immediately spit out. He hates olives. Though not a fan of the green ones, I love black olives. That little baby could've been mine. I ascertained that the wall art we were sitting next to was a photo taken in Italy. There was an old man sitting on these steps in an open square, pigeons all around. The sun was shining. Listening to Dean Martin and sipping the bubbly made me want to jump into the picture like I was on Blue's Clues or something. I'd die to go there.

Afterward, we went to Heine Bros. to play Mancala, chess, and Scrabble. I got my fall bucket list Scrabble date! I hope to do it again soon...

Oh, we also watched Insidious, which made me jumpy. I liked the idea of the film but of course, it was a bit cheesy. There were some totally scary images though. Overall, it was a great first weekend to celebrate the end of my 'last first week.'

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