Saturday, August 13, 2011

You Jump, I Jump Jack

Here are the photos of my thrifting finds I promised! I found these beauts at my local Peddler's Mall. In addition to tons of cute vintage furniture and dishes, they had gorgeous brooches that I was drooling over. One looked like a sunburst but it cost $60 which I wasn't willing to dish out at the time. I was, however, more than excited to score my vintage 1950's gloves, black beaded bag, and Coach belt for a little over $20.

I found this black lace dress at Plato's Closet after seeing a movie and getting Indian food with my friend Leslie, whom I was lucky enough to room with in London! It was originally $30 and I got it for 8 bones... woo, 75% off!

 These are my local Goodwill finds! A skinny black belt with an interesting clasp (80's-ish looking?), my RALPH LAUREN BLUE JEAN DRESS!! (Must have it altered soon to knee-length), a silk scarf that will look cute at Christmas-time, a velvet burgundy blazer (AKA the Oscar Wilde coat), and a cute tie-dye tee!


I think I may go watch Titanic now because I'm a bit obsessed with Rose's costumes. And I think Kate Winslet is gorgeous and so cute with her British-ness. I told Scott I was going to watch Titanic before school started. "The Titanic sank in 1912. And that's the same year Virginia Woolf got married! She was thirty! So the clothes they wear in the movie are similar to what life was really like when Virginia Woolf lived!"
"Don't have a nerd-gasm," he said.

But really, I love the transition from Victorianism to the Modern era. Rose feels trapped in her Victorian lifestyle and breaks free as a Modern woman! Ah! This is the kind of nerdy thing I live for!

P.S. I never got one of those fake heart-of-the-ocean necklaces when they were popular in the late 90's. My birthday's coming up if any one needs any last minute shopping ideas... you know, if those things still exist. 

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