Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The College Girl Uniform

The Style Quo
Shirt: Target
Jacket: The North Face
Jeans: AE
Necklace: Online
Earrings: Kohl's, Christmas present
Boots (not shown): DSW

Whenever it starts to get cold and drizzly, I become uninspired to dress fashionably. So I put on my 'college girl' uniform, which basically consists of a North Face and boots. Other college girls opt for PINK sweatpants and UGG boots but I just can't... Or they go for the North Face jacket, Vera Bradley bag, and Sperry's but I just can't do that either. The North Face is as far as I will go... for warmth's sake, I tell you! That's the only reason why! These things must be insulated with seal blubber because it never fails to keep me cozy. They are so worth the expense (but search online to nab them on sale!).
Does anyone have any ideas on how to dress cute but still be warm? I'm such a function over form sort of girl so it really has to be warm... not just 'kinda' warm.

On the bright side, I nabbed some free samples from my dermatologist today. I know the labels are all backwards, but bear with me. I basically had to strip down to my skivvies and wrap myself in a giant paper towel. The male doctor comes in with his nurse to examine my skin, which is goose-pimpled and turning blue-ish and purple because it's windy, rainy, and cold all of a sudden. He asked me if I go out in the sun a lot. I wanted to say, "Do I look like I go out in the sun a lot?" This is pure ancestral British-Isle skin right here. I burn easily, never tan and I always look like I'm on the edge of sickness or something. I went to Hawaii for two weeks and came back Casper-white. My skin has frustrated me for much of my life, mainly because of acne problems, it never retains any color, so you can always see my imperfections. I just hope one day this will all play into my favor. Skin like mine (oily) is supposed to wrinkle less and God knows, maybe one day I'll get rid of the acne.

Anywho, there are moles on my lower back, shoulder, and chest that I have to keep an eye on. But other than that, so far I'm clean.

My mama however was not so fortunate. She's already had numerous spots 'frozen' off and has had two instances of basal cell carcinoma on her arm and back. She went in today to have another spot removed. Lo and behold, she had to have another spot frozen off of her forehead and another biopsy on her back in addition to the basal cell removal. It seems like every time she goes in, they find more. It scares me and I guess that's why I'm so diligent about skin care. The doc said I could have the suspicious spots removed if I wanted to, just to be safe, but I opted out for now. I'm hoping they don't grow or evolve in any way. Maybe I should've just had them removed... I don't know.

My mind is racing but I just want to relax.

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