Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Fleet Foxes Kind of Night

I didn't quite feel my best Wednesday because I came home crying after saying goodbye to my co-workers at UPS. My eyes were all puffy and felt like they were sewn shut or something when I woke up. Needless to say, I tried to face the day. I started with the shoes and worked my way up from there. 

The Style Quo
Top: H&M, Covent Garden, London
Sweater: Aerie for AE
Jeans: AE (per usual)
Necklace: Forever 21
Shades: Forever 21
Rainbow Huaraches: Target

Later, I changed into my "Oscar Wilde" coat from Goodwill but upon taking pictures later in the night, I realized I was hideous and deleted them all... sorry, folks.
Later that night, Scott and I went to Sapporo. He got teriyaki chicken while I opted for a garden salad, miso soup, and the California rolls we shared. Quite delicious. However, I still maintain that Osaka has the best sushi in Louisville...

Then we went to the Palace to see Fleet Foxes! They had an old man open who we have never heard of before but he sang songs about the Great Depression and cowboys. It was really strange. But then we got to hear Fleet Foxes who were tremendous. Scott pretty much started falling asleep and said, "I can't really understand what they're saying... it's just a bunch of oooooohhhh." It's hard to explain to anyone why you love or hate Fleet Foxes. I just know that whenever their music surrounds me, I feel capable of more. It makes me feel closer to God, as strange as that sounds. But that kind of music is my favorite kind.

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