Sunday, October 9, 2011

Makeup I Wear Daily

After washing my face, I put this oil mattifier on my T-zone. My makeup used to slick right off my oily face in days past. I love this stuff for preventing that and for containing SPF 15!

After the oil mattifier, I take a drop of this sensitive skin serum to apply to my cheeks, which sometimes get dry, and to problem spots on my skin that need healing. It saved me in London where my face got wind-burnt really badly. 

This is the best concealer I've ever used in my life. It covers and tea tree oil helps heal at the same time. I hate makeup that clogs pores and infects pimples you already have. What's the point? I want to heal! It also goes great under the eyes (I've got dark circles).

I like to apply this tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 all over with a sponge. It smells amazing and I love knowing that I don't have horrible goop sitting on my skin. 

This powder contains SPF 20 and basically acts as a lovely finisher when my skin is extra bad and the concealer and moisturizer alone haven't done the trick. I have to have makeup with plenty of SPF because skin cancer runs rampant in my family. 

This cheek stain is brilliant. I place three little dots on each cheek and blend. It's going to last forever. It smells great and is a decent lip stain as well. 

I fail at eye makeup. I've had people try to teach me but I always end up feeling like I'm wearing a heavy mask. This felt tip pen-style liquid eyeliner is perfect for eyeliner novices who love a good cat eye. 

I'm a sucker for organic products and I truly believe Physician's Formula and Revlon are the best drugstore makeup brands out there. They make quality products on the cheap. 

Add a swipe of Burt's Bees and I'm golden!

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