Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Missouri Girl at Heart

I wore this last night when I went with Dr. Henke to see Tom Sawyer at Actor's Theatre. I met up with her and her house sitter, Pascal, for dinner. She was a lovely girl and unfortunately had to scatter because she was going to model in a local fashion show. She had a great personality so I'm sure she rocked it. 

The Style Quo
Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Online
Tights, Boots, & Bracelet: Kohl's
Watch: Timex
Coat & Bag: Express

Dr. Henke and I ended up lost on the way to the theatre and the numbers on the street just started getting larger and larger. Oh Lord, we're in the ghetto, I thought. Luckily we made it by the skin of our teeth, but we got separated for the first act. We were finally able to reunite and we moved up to the front row where the effects were fantastic. It was so exciting!

The actress who played Becky Thatcher reminded me so much of Amanda Seyfried. The characters were all just incredibly well-played. All of the boys were perfect for capturing the effervescent spirit of youth. Having read Tom Sawyer in eighth grade, I was happy to see it adapted to the stage (sans dialect). Also, it made me feel a little twinge inside because I guess I really am a Missouri girl at heart (this takes place in a city based off of Mark Twain's experiences in Hannibal, MO). 

I can't wait for the holiday season to arrive at Actor's!


  1. Looove the polka dot dress, Laur! You look soo pretty!