Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday Girl

 This is what it looks like to be 22. Fly right? Scott said my jacket looked like Lindsay from Freaks & Geeks. I told him that's what I was going for. 

The Style Quo
Jacket: Kohl's
Top: AE
Jeans: AE
Flats: Missoni for Target
Necklace: Online
Earrings: Kohl's, Christmas present
Ring: Friendship ring Julie and I both have, AE
 Let's try that again...
That's better.

Julie and I at McAlister's lunch. We did robot faces.

 This is our take on "we've been dating 10 months" faces.

Julie got me a slice of delicious chocolate cake, burned me two CDs, and got me a sweet new bracelet and ring! I loved everything! It fits my personality perfectly.

After school, my parents took me out to CPK for dinner. We had Tostada, Thai Chicken, and Artichoke and Spinach pizzas. The waitress brought me out a free piece of red velvet cake with vanilla bean cream cheese and a scoop of ice cream! I love red velvet. And I sure love free.

When I arrived at school, Scott had my present ready for me along with a single chocolate cupcake with a candle on it. It was really windy so I had to wish very quickly. He said he didn't know how to "do all of this" referring to the tissue paper involved in the gift bag process. I thought it looked just fine. And to see the carefully constructed cursive "Lauren" on my card envelope made me melt. So did the message... I teared up! I told Scott that this was like the best birthday present I'd ever gotten and he said, "No it's not." But really it is. I had one of the best birthdays Thursday. Because I got to spend it with people who continually love me. And understand me and what I like. And who put up with me when I get out of hand. To all of those who made my birthday special, thank you.

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