Friday, September 30, 2011

Bitch Slapped by a Belt Loader

The Style Quo
Dress: AE
Sweater: AE
Boots: Kohl's (sale)
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Earrings: Kohl's, Christmas present
Necklace: Online

Thursday I was just having a really hard day. I ended up crying on my way home from work to sad songs and I felt like I just couldn't get my mind to turn off. Scott was being really nice about everything and telling me how great my outfit looked because he knows how (through this blog and all) I try my best to look put-together. 

I get anxiety attacks whenever a big change in my life is coming. I've been at UPS for 2 and 1/2 years. This is the longest I've ever stayed at a job. I've known some people from the very beginning and others I've gotten attached to and have formed really strong relationships with. Although I'll never miss being outside in the cold, rain, heat, wind, horrible jet fuel smell ever again I will miss the people as well the nature of the job that allows us all to be a little family unit. I've said goodbye to many people I've befriended over the years and it's always been hard on me. Now that it's all on my shoulders, I'm having withdrawals to habits, routines, knowing my job like the back of my hand. It's just been hard dealing with many of the thoughts that replay in my mind over and over again. I feel torn in so many different directions and my heart is aching in the strangest way. 

On a side note, I got smacked in the face with the handrail of a belt loader Thursday night. 

This is a belt loader. When the belt was raised in this position, the rail slipped down smacking my face. It all happened so fast but my right arm took the brunt of it and I guess by reflex, I turned my head and rolled with the motion. I truly thought my glasses were going to be snapped in two and that my face was going to be messed up. Luckily, I just had a bit of a red mark on my cheek that went away and a bruise along my upper arm. Maybe this is God's way of telling me to get out while I can.

Even though I'm feeling a little sad, I'm hoping to turn my experiences with my coworkers into a story. Their personalities are all so unique and I never want to forget a single one of them (okay, perhaps a few). I already have a seed of an idea and keep adding to it each day. Only fools believe writing isn't cathartic.

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