Friday, September 30, 2011

I can hasz cat?

The Style Quo
Top: Goodwill, $2.50
Jeans: AE
Necklace: Online
Socks: Maggie's Organics

On Wednesday I was excited to don my Goodwill find--I'm such a sucker for tie-dye. I'm also obsessed with Maggie's Organics socks. They're seriously the best socks I've ever worn in my life. They're breathable, comfy, and warm. I just can't even describe how it compares to normal socks which seem to get starchy-feeling after washing. Anyway.

Mom and I had a lot of running around to do--allergy shots, buying dog food/getting distracted by kittens, stopping at Kohl's because my mom had coupons and such to redeem. I was supposed to have a job interview but it got canceled. And I'm really hoping it gets rescheduled soon because I'm unemployed in a few days. 

My mom bought Jet a Louisville cardinals (my alma mater) hoodie. I tried to talk her out of it because I tend to think animal clothing is ridiculous and arbitrary. But I actually think he likes it because he kept cuddling into a ball... the fleece is really soft so I'm hoping that this poor dog actually likes it to some degree. Because every time I see him I laugh.

At Feeder's Supply (where this dog sweatshirt came from) my mom and I spent a lengthy amount of time looking at the kittens and cats. We're both allergic to cats and have always been averse to them for the most part. But there was this sweet orange tabby named Petey and a black cat, who kept vying for my attention named Josie. My mom and I both loved Petey and even went so far as to ask if we could take him out and how much the cats cost. I actually fell in love with Josie and wished I could get her and rename her Salem. Because I think black cats are spooky cool. My mom disagreed. I think she's just superstitious. 

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