Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You're Lookin' at a Double Major Here

Today was a pretty darn good day. I found out I'm eligible for a double major in Humanities with a concentration on Disciplinary Studies (thanks to my Greek mythology teacher/Humanities adviser for pulling some strings). So now I'm a double major in English and Humanities with a minor in Spanish. I also found out that 75% of my professors are totally cool with me missing class to go to my new job training. I just have to hear back from the recruiter and talk to my art history teacher.

Thanks to Scott for being my "blog-tographer." He wasn't feeling too hot today but he still made me feel better regardless! I got to have our usual lunch with him and Julie at McAlister's who looked totes gorgeous today even if she didn't think so. She's going to see Sense & Sensibility tonight and I'm so excited for her! It was also nice to have her by my side today while my story was work-shopped in creative writing today. Overall, it seemed like a successful piece in need of some revision... on parts that I feel like I am totally able to make it work. I think you know it's going to be a good day when the first thing you encounter is a random person who says, "I like your dress and belt together!" 

This dress used to hang down to my ankles!

The Style Quo
Dress: Goodwill $5 with alterations by my neighbor
Belt: Target
Sandals: AE
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Necklace: Online
Earrings: Kohl's, Christmas present
Geode ring: Forever 21

P.S. Fleet Foxes are so good!

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