Friday, September 30, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

So I'm taking a shower Monday morning and my mom comes running into my bathroom, opens the edge of my shower curtain and sticks a turtle in my face. "Look!"

Apparently this little brute was in our yard. Once I got dried off, I came to examine our friend. Turtles usually retreat back into their shells when approached but I held my hand out to him and his neck kept craning to reach for me. I petted him with my finger and he started moving his arms and legs like he was trying to swim towards me. I wish we could keep him but I kind of have a problem holding onto things that rightfully belong to nature. So release him we did.
I didn't get much sleep Sunday night because I was studying for my big Greek mythology test. I wore my Maggie's Organic cotton tie-dye socks for good luck and it's fitting I did because that test was hard! I didn't know half the stuff on it and I was trying to recall all of these crazy long Greek names that all sound alike. Awful. But I found out I got an a B which makes me happy because I had doubts that I did well at all. My teacher handed me back the test and said, "You'll get better." It encouraged me for sure because she said a lot of people weren't happy with their grades. A B is respectable and I want to do well for her. Overall, it was just a case of the Mondays and I just needed to crawl back into bed and hope Tuesday was better.

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